Thinking about buying a home?


Houston PlumberBuying a new house can be an exciting time, especially for a first time buyer. With the whirlwind of paperwork, real estate agents and other factors, it is easy to overlook one crucial piece. A home plumbing inspection is an important step that can provide either piece of mind, or advanced knowledge of possible upcoming repairs.

A licensed plumber can check your plumbing, both exposed and hidden, for possible leakage. A leaking pipe, especially in a hidden area, does more than just create a puddle of water. Constant saturation can lead to mold, weakening of studs or load bearing sections or stains. These problems can lead to extremely expensive repairs. In the case of mold, you may even be required to stay out of the home while it is removed.

An inspection prior to buying a home can also discover inappropriate piping. Plumbers have found old pipes, piping that was not efficiently run, or even the wrong type of pipes used. In some cases, prior repairs may not have been professionally done. When a project is done by someone who does not have knowledge of the type of materials he or she should use, the building codes that must be met, and other specific plumbing issues, the repair may not last. If a prior repair or maintenance project was not done correctly, it will almost certainly have to be redone. Issues such as this should be brought to the buyer's attention prior to purchasing the home.

A plumbing inspection, when compared to all of the other required inspections and fees, makes up a very small percentage of the house buying cost. It should be seriously considered anytime a home is bought, but especially in older homes. Skipping this step can lead to costly, unexpected repairs that can ruin what should be an enjoyable home buying experience.

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