Five Most Common Plumbing Questions and Answers

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    Pickett Plumbing knows there are a lot of questions about the plumbing systems that run through your home or business. You may wonder what that gurgling sound is or what you should do if your water pressure is too low. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and can provide expert service for you and your family.

    What could be clogging my drains?

    In short, anything! While it is usually too much toilet paper, or not the right kind of material, it can also be hair, children’s toys, food and grease, and anything else you can imagine. Small clogs in your sink and toilet can be cleared with a plunger, but any other clog needs our Pickett Plumbing team. We have plumbers that can come help at any time and our Pickett Plumbing VIP Club has access to this great team any time of day, any day of the week.

    Why isn’t my water flowing?

    It could be because of a clog somewhere in the line or a leak, which Pickett Plumbing could come clear or repair for you. Other times, water pressure is low because of too much use in your home or along the line from the water municipality. If the area is having low water pressure, you will need to be patient until they can fix the issue.

    Why did my water bill increase?

    If you haven’t been watering the lawn more and you noticed a large jump in your water bill, you probably have a leak. The most likely culprit is the toilet, but a faucet or a leak in a pipe could also be the cause. Our Pickett Plumbing team can find and repair the issue as soon as we are called out.

    Do I need to replace my hot water heater?

    It depends on your system. Some can last as long as 13 years, while others top out at 5 years. The best way to keep an eye on your hot water system is to have regular maintenance and servicing from your Pickett Plumbing team.

    What is that smell?

    Pickett Plumbing deals with a lot of strange smells – it is just part of the job. Some of the most common smells homeowners ask us about actually come from the shower, especially one that has been unused for a while. The P-trap that keeps sewer gases and odors out of the home sometimes needs fresh water poured through. Additionally, food that has been left in the garbage disposal side of the sink can sometimes cause an odor in the home.

    For regular maintenance or any emergency, call 281-562-7820 to set an appointment with our Pickett Plumbing team. We can check a known issue or check over your system to see what we may need to keep an eye on.

    August 24, 2021