How to Fix a Leaky Toilet

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    Spending money on some home repairs can be enjoyable. A fresh coat of paint, new cabinetry, or a bigger shower are just a few ways homeowners love to invest money in their property. The sense of pride that can come with a new project on your home means a lot. On the other hand, there are a number of repairs that can be tempting to try or to find a way to DIY. Pickett Plumbing has advice on a couple things you may be able to check yourself, like a leaky toilet, even though you may end up relying on our expert service anyways.

    Leaking Toilet

    No matter what ends up being the cause, we recommend homeowners do a basic amount of investigating to see where the leak may be coming from before calling our professional team. This is due to the damage that can be done from a leak to other parts of your home if left unattended. First, clean up the water on the floor. Flush the toilet and wait one hour before investigating once more. If the floor around the base of the toilet is wet again, the wax ring of flange may need to be replaced.

    Flushing Issues

    From time to time, toilets will have flushing issues. Occasionally toilets will seemingly flush when nobody is around or using the restroom. This can cause quite a bit of alarm for unsuspecting homeowners. Other times, a single flush will cause the toilet to run longer than the usual amount of time. In both of these cases, the flapper may not be fitting correctly. Sometimes these deteriorate quickly with drop in cleaning tablets that have bleach. There are a number of different types of flappers, some are adjustable, so you can tweak them to fit your specific toilet. If the flapper is in good repair, there may be another issue, from the lever needing repair to corroded drains.

    Clogged Toilet

    If Pickett Plumbing came out for every clogged toilet, we would keep our team very busy. While there are certainly larger clogs that need our attention, anything from toys to glasses to days and weeks of build up getting in the way, some clogs can, and should, be cleared out by the homeowner. Make sure you have a flange plunger, which creates a better seal for tackling these tough issues in your toilet.

    Pickett Service Any Other Time

    Pickett Plumbing can, and will, come out to serve your needs any other time a larger issue is at hand. We have trained professionals who can fix a number of issues on the spot. In addition, members of our VIP Club can avoid any additional fees for a diagnostic charge or those evening and holiday emergency leaks that can change our plans in a moment.

    If you have noticed your toilets running more than usual or suspect a leak that needs our Pickett Plumbing attention, make an appointment with us today. From toilets to water heaters, from new faucets to drain repair, Pickett Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing needs in the Houston area. Our licensed professionals will provide the solutions to get your business and home back on track.

    September 24, 2021