Protect Winter’s Luxuries With a New Water Heater

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    The beginning of a new year means new plans and expectations. It also means that there are three more months of extreme cold before people can enjoy the rebirth of spring. To get through the cold winter months, homeowners turn to luxuries like hot showers to take the edge off cold temperatures. 

    When a hot water tank fails, it never does so at a convenient time. Homeowners should do their best to plan against being left with cold showers during the winter. Knowing the signs of a floundering water heater can allow homeowners to properly address the situation before it gets out of hand. Keep an eye (and ear) out for the following issues and always call a professional for water heater maintenance and repair. 

    Low Pressure From Hot Water Lines

    One of the most frustrating things about hopping in the shower or trying to wash a sink load of dishes is turning on the hot water only to receive a meager, lukewarm stream. Luckily, plumbers can help figure out what is causing the low hot water pressure and take steps to fix it. 

    Some of the things that a plumber will check for as causes of low hot water pressure include:

    • Pipes for scale
    • Water softener for salt
    • Showerheads and faucet screens for debris
    • Water tank for scale
    • Pressure regulator setting

    A plumber will check these items to locate the source of the problem. If the pressure is low in multiple fixtures, that could indicate that the plumbing or the tank itself is bad and needs replacement. 

    New, Strange Noises

    Water heaters shouldn’t make much noise during operation. Gas water heaters may have a gentle hum when the burner is on, and electric water heaters should make no noise at all. If a homeowner notices a new noise, it could indicate that the tank needs repairs, maintenance, or a new tank installation altogether. Some common noise issues include:

    • Popping or Thumping: These noises indicate that scale has built up on the bottom of the tank due to the high mineral content of water. When local water has high mineral content, water heater maintenance is doubly important. 
    • Hissing: An intermittent hissing noise indicates a leak. The hiss is caused by water dripping on the burner. Leaks risk extinguishing the pilot light and potentially causing a gas leak. The leaking tank should be looked at immediately by a plumber. 

    Inconsistent Hot Water Temperature

    Inconsistent water temperature is frustrating because one-minute a shower can be perfectly comfortable, and the next, it’s frigid. Varying water temperatures indicate that something is wrong with the water heater’s thermostat or that heating elements are failing and crusted with scale. 

    Water heaters can also give fluctuating water temperatures if they aren’t adequately sized. A water heater that has too much demand will give inconsistent temperatures. While many water heater parts can be repaired, a tank that isn’t properly sized will need to be upgraded to a more appropriate size. 

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    January 15, 2021