Spring Cleaning your Plumbing System

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    Towards the end of this month, we prepare for a changing of seasons and a new beginning: the end of winter, and the beginning of spring! 

    No matter who you are, there is one time of year when everyone gets excited about cleaning, and this is it! You may be planning on cleaning out your closet and purging yourself of old clothes you never wear anymore, or you may be itching to finally organize the garage.

    At Pickett Home Services, we’d like to alert you to another area of cleaning you may not have thought of yet – spring plumbing cleaning. Keep reading to find out why drain cleaning and sewer cleaning should be a new spring cleaning tradition in your home.

    Begin with Drain Cleaning Service

    Let’s start your spring plumbing cleaning off with one of the most basic plumbing maintenance services available: a drain cleaning. Professional drain cleanings should be performed at least once a year, though every six months is preferable, and can help remedy all kinds of plumbing issues, such as:

    • Slow emptying drains.
    • Severely clogged drains that won’t empty at all.
    • Unpleasant odors coming from rotten food stuck in your drain.
    • Recurring drain clogs.
    • Sewage backup and flooding.

    Regular drain cleanings also give your plumber a chance to inspect your drains for possible issues that could lead to a plumbing emergency.

    Don’t Forget About Sewer Cleaning

    Certainly, drain cleanings are important for any plumbing system, but don’t forget to take care of your sewer pipes too. Like drain cleaning, annual sewer cleaning services can prevent serious plumbing emergencies like burst sewer pipes and flooding caused by an unsanitary sewage backup.

    No one wants to think about what happens to raw sewage once it’s flushed away, which is why sewer cleaning is not talked about often, but keeping your sewer lines clean is an integral part of keeping your plumbing system in good working order.

    Keeping Your Plumbing Clean Means Saving Money

    Why should you care so much about keeping your drains and sewers system clean? Aside from the fact that dirty sewer pipes and drains lead to clogging, which can lead to a flood that may be hazardous to your health, drain and sewer maintenance can also save you money.

    It’s less expensive to maintain your plumbing and keep it clean than it is to repair damage caused by a severe clog, and it’s far less expensive to maintain your plumbing than to replace entire sections of your sewer piping due to a burst pipe fiasco.

    This time of year, dust and pollen are everywhere! Are you prepared for them? You can begin today, by cleaning up your plumbing! 

    Call Pickett Home Services at 281-562-7820 today for more information about drain cleaning services, sewer cleaning services, and more.

    March 16, 2021