What to do When You Suspect a Water Leak

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    Water leaks are not uncommon and if they’re found quickly, they can be fixed before significant damage is done. If your home or office is in the College Station area and you spot a plumbing leak, contact Pickett Home Services as soon as possible and one of our skilled plumbers will provide same-day service to remedy the problem. Now that you know what to do when you spot a water leak, let’s back up and help you learn where to look.

    Spotting a Water Leak

    Listed below are four ways you can detect water leaks in your home or office. Checking for water leaks regularly will help to detect the leak before it becomes an expensive disaster.

    1. Analyze Your Usage: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, checking your water usage during the winter months will alert you if there’s an undetected water leak. On average, a family of four does not use more than 12,000 gallons of water per month. If your family is using more than that, there may be a leak in your plumbing system.
    2. Pay Attention to Your Water Bill: When your habits have not changed, but your water bill is increasing, there is likely water leaking somewhere in your home or office. If you cannot see an obvious leak from a faucet, toilet, or water-using appliance, there might be a leak in the piping system underground. A Pickett plumber is trained to thoroughly check underground pipes.
    3. Use Your Senses: Listen for sounds of dripping or rushing water. Look for evidence of mold or mildew growing under your sink or at the back of cabinets. Notice foul smells that indicate the presence of mold. Feel for soft spots on your floor or walls. You could save thousands of dollars when you give immediate attention to suspicious plumbing issues.
    4. Check Your Exterior: It’s easy to notice plumbing issues when it comes in the form of a leaking faucet or a toilet that isn’t draining properly. Exterior leaks are more difficult to detect. The next time you’re watering your lawn, make sure the connections around your spigots are tight and consider having a professional check out your irrigation system to avoid letting a small leak go undetected for too long.

    How Pickett Home Services Can Help

    After you’ve detected a leak and contacted a professional Pickett plumber, you can rest assured that you will receive quality same-day service. Our plumbing services include drain cleaning, drain repair and inspection, pipe repair and replacement, water main repair, sump pump repair and replacement, toilet repair and installation, faucet repair and installation, and sink installation. Our team at Pickett Home Services has served the people of College Station, Texas, and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

    Preventive Maintenance 

    One of the best ways to prevent water leaks and plumbing issues is to schedule regular inspections. If you’re unsure about what to look for and want to be confident in your plumbing system, it’s time to trust Pickett Home Services with preventative plumbing maintenance. Our Total Protection Plan includes a full inspection of faucets, sinks, and water lines, and analysis of drains and drainage systems for early detection of leaks. We provide a visual inspection of tankless water heaters, and we flush conventional water heater tanks for optimal heating. Our Total Protection Plan is available for both residential and business plumbing maintenance in central Texas.

    Drain v. Sewer Repair

    To sum it up, draining issues occur inside a building while sewage issues happen outside a building. At Pickett Home Services, our plumbers are equipped and trained to handle both. We address dripping faucets, running toilets, clogged drains, and broken pipes in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Outside, we will address any constant or recurring water problems you may have. Our skilled plumbers can fix busted or broken outdoor pipes and find a solution for water that is draining slowly or not at all.

    If you need a plumber you can trust in College Station and Central Texas, look no further than Pickett Home Services. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment today.

    May 20, 2020